Application and Selection Process

The application and selection process timeline may vary depending on the position and the amount of applications we receive. However, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, with the goal of contact within the first 2 weeks after the application has been submitted. If you do not hear back from us within that timeframe, or have any questions or concerns, please email us at We look forward to seeing your application!

New Job Information

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JTB Americas Group Benefits Summary
(Full-time and Qualified Employees)

  1. Health Care Insurance
    Medical, Vision, Dental, etc. with some being 100% sponsored by the company.
  2. Paid Time Off (PTO)
    Paid Holidays, Vacation and Sick Leave with Exempt Employees receiving Unlimited PTO.
  3. 401K Retirement Savings
    You can enroll in a retirement plan with Company Match.
  4. Development
    We offer many growth opportunities ranging from trainings to leadership seminars.
  5. & More!.

(Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging)

JTB Group honors a diverse range of talents, creating an organization where each individual can thrive authentically. By embracing the differences in regions, cultures, people, and identities across the world, we transform these differences into values such as insights, new experiences, and innovation, bringing the world together.

Talent Development

We want our people to flourish as professionals and as human beings as they go about their roles. To enable them to feel pride and fulfilment in all
that they do because they do it to the best of their ability.​

We are committed to developing our people from the perspective of growth and skill enhancement, with a tailored, structured professional
development cycle.​

Our Talent Management processes are centred on embedding an open and innovative mindset that promotes collaboration and responsibility.

  1. A dedicated self-learning platform for employees.
  2. A non-hierarchical structure and opportunity to work on global projects.
  3. JTB University Academy offering a range of webinars and workshops.
  4. One-to-one coaching.
  5. Global recognition programs.

The Brighter Earth and Our Futures

This is an event where employees from all around North and South America come together to learn to be leaders as we strive to create a brighter earth. This event, held 3 times a year allows for employees who work in different parts of the world to communicate and get to know one another. This event provides us with a better understanding of each other and we do as a company. This event is targeted to our future leaders, who receive trainings and seminars for growth opportunities as well as all local staff to participate in the Brighter Earth Project (BEP). The BEP is environmental beautification, with the past events having our employees paint rec rooms, harvest vegetables and pick algae from the ocean.
Brighter Earth and Our Futures 2023 Movie (