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About JTB Americas, Ltd

Established in 1964, JTB Americas, Ltd. is the 1st overseas subsidiary company of JTB Corp. JTB Americas, Ltd. has been specializing in travel services of inbound and outbound travel including corporate business travel, MICE, leisure travel, and FIT arrangements. With over 50 years of experience, the network of companies has been recognized as a full service Destination Management Company (DMC) and Travel Management Company (TMC) in the regions of the United States, Hawaii, Canada, and Brazil. As of 2017, JTB Americas Group consists of 32 subsidiary companies with a diversified network of over 2,500 employees. Through each company and staff’s efforts, JTB Americas is able to offer high quality products and services that connect travelers and their needs from all over the world.

About JTB Corp

Headquartered in Japan, JTB Corp. is amongst the world’s largest tourism group which generated a turnover of $12.2 billion in 2016. JTB Group was established in 1912 and has become a dominant player in the Japanese leisure and corporate markets for inbound, outbound, and domestic travel. The JTB Group network consists of 171 companies related in travel or tourism businesses worldwide in the regions of: North and South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Micronesia.

Message from the President & CEO

Greeting from our President & CEO, Mr. Goro Kido Since opening our first office in 1952 in New York (originally as the Japan Travel Information Office), JTB Americas Group has been providing innovative travel solutions for our clients globally. Today, we are a group consisting of over 2,500 travel specialists operating in 32 companies in the USA, Canada and Brazil. We specialize in providing the highest level of leisure travel services, Business Travel and MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Events). With our diverse services and worldwide network, our annual handling of worldwide travelers now exceeds approximately 2 million (2017). We will continue to strive as a Global Destination Management Company and create cultural exchange all over the world.
Goro Kido
President & CEO
JTB Americas, Ltd.

JTB Americas Philosophy

Contribute to the growth of local and global society through the pursuit of “Perfect moments, always”.

Our social contribution and cultural activities

Brighter Earth Project

The JTB Group has been carrying out tourist destination cleanup and planting campaigns, which consist of activities to clean and invigorate tourist spots throughout the world. Within the Americas Group, the projects have been held in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Honolulu and Rio de Janeiro to date. Not only our staff, but also their family, our suppliers as well as business partners participate in the activities to protect the environment every year. Through the projects, we will strive to bring vitality to the earth and smiles to people.

Cultural activities through the movie “Sugihara Chiune”

The film “Sugihara Chiune’s ” main character is a famous Japanese diplomat named Mr. Chiune Sugihara. He saved thousands of Jewish lives from the Nazis by issuing “Visas of Life” during World War II. JTB was also involved in this life-saving events, and the film highlights that the staff at that time escorted and assisted those Jewish refugees from Russia to Japan on board. Since the film was released in 2015 in Japan, JTB Americas Group has been screening it at several film festivals and cultural events in Washington D.C., Toronto, San Paulo and Honolulu. In May 2016, We also held a charity event and screened the movie in order to raise the funds to support people who suffered from Kumamoto Earthquake in Japan. JTB staff’s courageous action and our cultural activities through the movie reflect our philosophy as JTB Group, “through creation of multicultural human exchange, contribute to harmony and understanding throughout the global society”.

Honolulu Festival

The Honolulu Festival is Hawaii’s premier cultural event, promoting understanding, economic cooperation and ethnic harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region. Since 2000, JTB has been an official sponsor and organizer of the event as well as being a main member of a non-profit corporation – the Honolulu Festival Foundation. Each year, the Festival draws thousands of new and returning spectators who are looking for an experience beyond Hawaii.
To know more about the Honolulu Festival

History of JTB Americas

Opened as an information desk in New York.

Opened temporary information desks at the San Francisco and Panama World’s Fairs.
Established a temporary information desk in the Philadelphia World’s Fair.
Held a Japan Day in New York and exhibitions introducing Japan at the Roxy Theater and Columbia University in New York.
Established temporary information desks in the San Francisco and New York World Exhibitions.
Opened the New York Office.
Opened the Los Angeles Office.
Established a New York-registered local subsidiary in the New York Office.
Established offices in San Francisco and Honolulu.
Established Canadian subsidiary JTB INTERNATIONAL (Canada) LTD.
Established the Torrance Extension Office.
Established the Orlando Sales Office.
Honolulu Branch Office is divided to form JTB Hawaii, Inc.
Established the Las Vegas Office.
Spun off the transportation division of Sunrise Plaza, Inc. to form Sunrise Plaza Transportation, Co.
Moved company headquarters to Los Angeles.
Spun off the outbound division to form JTB USA, Inc.
Established the Las Vegas area bus company Sunrise Plaza Transportation of Nevada, Inc.
The Tokyo and Kansai branch offices were reorganized into the Japan Area Sales Division East Japan Office and the West Japan Office.
JTB Americas reorganized from a pure holding company to an operation and holding company to build a business and sales structure encompassing 17 companies in Canada, the USA and Hawaii.
The Japan Area Sales Division East Japan Office and the West Japan Office were reorganized as the JTB Americas Tokyo Branch Office and Osaka Branch Office.
Tachibana Enterprises, LLC became a member of JTB Americas Group.
Following companies became members of JTB Americas Group.
America Travel Factory, LLC
Silkway Travel & Cruise Inc.
Lassen Tour & Travel, Inc.
JTB Global Travel, Inc. [formerly, JALPAK International USA, Inc.]
Merger of JTB USA, Inc. & JTB Global Travel, Inc. to form JTB USA, Inc.
JTB Hawaii, Inc. merged with JTB Hawaii’s sister company, JTB Overseas Development Corp., and reorganized its internal structure by establishing five LLC companies.
Established a JTB Americas Representative Office in Shanghai, China.
Established a JTB Americas Representative Office in Beijing, China.
Established JTB LATINO AMÉRICA PARTICIPAÇÕES LTDA. and JTB BRASIL PARTICIPAÇÕES LTDA. as the holding company in each respective region and country.
Grupo Alatur and JTB Americas, Ltd. established Alatur JTB Viagens e Turismo S. A. (Alatur JTB) as a joint venture in Brazil.
Quickly Travel Agência de Viagens e Turismo Ltda. (Quickly Travel) became a member of Alatur JTB Group in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Merger of JTB USA, Inc. & JTB International, Inc. to form JTB USA, Inc.
MC&A, Inc. became a member of JTB Americas Group
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